K-V Laked Blood Medium

Kanamycin and Vancomycin Laked Blood Agar is recommended for use in the isolation and partial identification of anaerobic microorganisms and Brucella Agar is the basal medium. Dextrose, peptones, yeast extract, hemin, vitamin K and laked sheep blood are among the nutrients included in the medium. Sodium chloride is incorporated to provide essential electrolytes. Sodium bisulfite, a reducing substance, is added to help maintain reduced conditions and a low pH.

Laked sheep blood provides growth factors required by some anaerobic bacteria also permits the hemolytic reactions and enhances earlier pigmentation of Prevotella spp. Hemin and vitamin K enhance the growth of gram-positive spore-formers and Bacteroides species1. Vancomycin inhibits the growth of gram-positive organisms and kanamycin inhibits gram-negative facultative anaerobic bacilli.

Product NameCatalog #Quantity
K-V Laked Blood Agar mono plate, 90 x 15 mm CK9390P --
K-V Laked Blood Slant CK9390S --
K-V Laked Blood Broth CK9390B --

Quality Control

The following organisms are routinely used for testing for this medium.
Test OrganismsResults
Bacteroides fragilis ATCC® 25285 Growth
Prevotella melaninogenica ATCC® 25845 Growth
Escherichia coli ATCC® 25922 Inhibited
Staphylococcus epidermidis ATCC® 12228 Inhibited

User Quality Control

Check for signs of contamination and deterioration. Users of commercially prepared media may be required to perform quality control testing with at least one known organism to demonstrate growth or a positive reaction; and at least one organism to demonstrate inhibition or a negative reaction (where applicable).

Ingredients g/L

(Final pH 7.3 +/- 0.2 at 25°C)
Peptamin 20.0
Sodium Chloride 5.0
Yeast Extract 2.0
Dextrose 1.0
Sodium Bisulfite 0.1
Hemin 0.005
Vitamin K 0.001
Vancomycin (mL) 40.0
Kanamycin (mL) 40.0
Laked Sheep Blood (mL) 50.0
Agar 17.0
1 total citations

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