Cell Disassociation Reagents

Enzymes are widely used to dissociate tissues and cell monolayers for cell isolation and propagation. These enzymes maximize the yield of functionally viable, dissociated cells. Selection of the enzyme preparation of choice is dependent upon the type of tissue or cells in culture. All dissociation reagents allow for a simple and reliable dissociation process.

Product Name Catalog #
Trypsin 0.5% - EDTA 5.3 mM (10X), 100 ml T-TRP-1100
Trypsin 0.05% - EDTA 0.53 mM (1X), 100 ml T-TRP-1200
Trypsin Neutralizing Solution (1X), 100 ml T-TRP-0000
Collagenase, Type 1, powder, 1 g T-CT1-1000
Collagenase, Type 3, powder, 1 g T-CT3-1000
Pepsin A, powder, 1 g T-PSN-1000
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