Growth Factors, Hormones and Cytokines

UFC Biotechnology offers a large number of high quality recombinant cytokines, including adipokines, chemokines, defensins, growth factors, hematopoietic cytokines, interferons, interleukins, neurotrophic factors, tumor necrosis factor ligands/receptors and other proteins from a variety of species, such as human, mouse, rat, or viral origins. The cytokines are supplied in lyophilized form for maximum stability and ease of storage and handling.

Product Name Catalog #
Insulin Solution From Bovine Pancreas, 10 mL GF-INS-B10;
Fibroblast Growth Factor-Acidic Human GF-FBA-H00
Fibroblast Growth Factor-Basic Human GF-FBB-H00
Platelet-Derived Growth Factor-Bb Human GF-PDB-H00
Insulin-Like Growth Factor-I Human GF-INI-H00
Epidermal Growth Factor Human GF-EDR-H00
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