L-Glutamine & Derivatives

Supplementation of cell culture media with L-glutamine products is frequently required to provide additional nutrients for optimal performance of cells in culture. Normal L-glutamine has a relatively short half-life in solution, showing a temperature dependent loss of product with time. L-glutamine degrades through an intramolecular cyclization reaction forming as by-products, pyrrolidone carbonic acid and ammonia in equimolar concentrations. The rate of breakdown increases with increasing temperature and in the presence of phosphate or bicarbonate. UFC Biotechnology also offers stabilized dipeptide derivatives of L-glutamine (L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine) that is extremely stable in aqueous solutions (Ala-Glu) which will not degrade into ammonia in storage and even during long-term incubation of the cultures. Thus, these derivatives are stable in solution and allow the formulation of cell culture media containing L-glutamine that may be stored at 4C for extended periods. Solutions containing these derivatives can even be autoclaved without appreciable degradation of the product (30 minutes at 121 ̊C results in <5% loss of the product).

Product Storage Form Catalog #
L-Glutamine   Powder G568590-000 -5G
L-Glutamine Solution, 200mM in 8.5g/L NaCl, 100X   Powder T-LGLU-100X -5G
L-Glutamine Solution, 200mM in 8.5g/L NaCl, 100X   Liquid T-LGLU-100X -100ML
L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine Solution, 200mM in 8.5g/L NaCl, 100X   Liquid T-ALGL-100X -100ML
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