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Balanced Salts are a combination of inorganic salts and frequently a carbohydrate as an energy source. These solutions are used for cell rinsing and for short term maintenance of mammalian cells while the cells are manipulated outside of their regular growth environment. Balanced salt solutions provide cells with the proper osmotic pressure and pH during laboratory manipulations. Balanced Salts Solutions supplemented with calcium and magnesium salts are commonly used to wash and re-suspend cells during the dissociation process. A full spectrum of Balanced Salt Solutions is offered by UFC Biotech.

Phosphate Buffered Saline (PBS)
Catalog #QuantityFormNaClKClNa2HPO4KH2PO4Concentration
B-PBS0-1111 -500ML
Liquid 1X
B-PBS1-1111 -1000ML Liquid 10X

Tris Buffered Saline
Catalog #QuantityFormNaClKClTrispH                       
B-TBS8-111 -500ML
Liquid ✓138mM ✓2.7mM ✓50mM 8.0  
B-TBS7-021 -500ML
Liquid ✓150mM ✓50mM 7.0  

Dulbecco’s Phosphate Buffered Saline (DPBS)
Catalog #QuantityFormCaCl2MgCl2Glucose                
B-DPBS-110 -500ML Liquid    
B-DPBS-010 -500ML Liquid    
B-DPBS-000 -500ML Liquid    
B-DPBS-111 -500ML Liquid ✓1g/L    

Earle’s Balanced Salt Solution (EBSS)
Catalog #QuantityFormNaHCO3CaCl2MgsO4Phenol RedGlucose
B-EBSS-11111 -500ML Liquid ✓1g/L
B-EBSS-01111 -500ML Liquid ✓1g/L
B-EBSS-01101 -500ML Liquid ✓1g/L
B-EBSS-11101 -500ML Liquid ✓1g/L
B-EBSS-10011 -500ML Liquid ✓1g/L
B-EBSS-10001 -500ML Liquid ✓1g/L

Hanks’s Balanced Salt Solution (HBSS)
Catalog #QuantityFormNaHCO3CaCl2MgsO4Phenol RedGlucose
B-HBSS-11111 -500ML Liquid ✓1g/L
B-HBSS-01111 -500ML Liquid ✓1g/L
B-HBSS-01101 -500ML Liquid ✓1g/L
B-HBSS-11101 -500ML Liquid ✓1g/L
B-HBSS-00011 -500ML Liquid ✓1g/L
B-HBSS-10011 -500ML Liquid ✓1g/L
B-HBSS-10001 -500ML Liquid ✓1g/L
B-HBSS-01101 -500ML Liquid ✓1g/L
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