Iscove’s Modified Dulbecco’s Medium

Iscove's Modification of DMEM (IMDM) is an enrichment modification of DMEM for rapidly proliferating cultures of high cell density. This modification contains additional amino acids, vitamins, selenium and HEPES buffer, and is formulated with potassium nitrate in place of ferric nitrate. This is the first medium that utilizes HEPES for medium buffering. This medium supports growth of T and B lymphocytes and various hybrid cells under reduced serum or serum free conditions.

Catalog # Quantity Form NaHCO3 Glutamine Phenol Red HEPES
T-ISDM-1010 -500ML Liquid
T-ISDM-1110 -500ML Liquid ✓L-Glu
T-ISDM-1111 -500ML Liquid ✓L-Glu ✓25mM
T-ISDM-1100 -500ML Liquid ✓L-Glu
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