DMEM/F-12 (Ham’s) 1:1 Blend

This 1:1 mixture of Dulbecco's Modified Eagle Medium and F-12 media was originally formulated to grow rat neuroblastoma and MDCK cells and is ideal for culture of a variety of cell types under low serum conditions. This mixture also supports growth of wide varieties of cells including certain epithelial, endothelial and granulosa cells.

Catalog # Quantity Form NaHCO3 Glutamine Phenol Red HEPES
T-DMF2-1110 -500ML Liquid ✓L-Glu
T-DMF2-1111 -500ML Liquid ✓L-Glu ✓15mM
T-DMF2-1010 -500ML Liquid
T-DMF2-1100 -500ML Liquid ✓L-Glu
T-DMF2-1511 -500ML Liquid ✓Ala-Glu ✓15mM
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