Dulbecco's Modified Eagle Medium, DMEM

This is modified Basal Medium Eagle (BME), the content of the amino acids and vitamins found in DMEM is four fold concentrated than that of BME. DMEM originally used to culture embryonic mouse cells and then modified to sustain the growth of various primary cells as well as transformed cells. UFC Biotech offer various DMEM formulations based on the presence or absence of specific components based on nature of cells and/or the experiments.

Catalog # Quantity Form NaHCO3 Glutamine Phenol Red HEPES Na Pyruvate Glucose
T-DMEM-111014 -500ML Liquid ✓L-Glu ✓4.5g/L
T-DMEM-111011 -500ML Liquid ✓L-Glu ✓1g/L
T-DMEM-111004 -500ML Liquid ✓L-Glu ✓4.5g/L
T-DMEM-101014 -500ML Liquid ✓4.5g/L
T-DMEM-101004 -500ML Liquid ✓4.5g/L
T-DMEM-101114 -500ML Liquid ✓25mM ✓4.5g/L
T-DMEM-111114 -500ML Liquid ✓25mM ✓4.5g/L
T-DMEM-100014 -500ML Liquid ✓4.5g/L
T-DMEM-101000 -500ML Liquid
T-DMEM-151014 -500ML Liquid ✓Ala-Glu ✓4.5g/L
T-DMEM-151011 -500ML Liquid ✓Ala-Glu ✓1g/L
T-DMEM-151004 -500ML Liquid ✓Ala-Glu ✓4.5g/L
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